Davik Nettles (at rest)

Brutally slain by the Stag Lords men, This simple ferryman rose from his wattery grave as a spirt of vengence.


Not so long ago, a retired Brevic engineer named Davik Nettles ran a simple but profitable toll bridge across a narrow reach of the Shrike River. He made no judgments on those who chose to use his bridge—as long as they had the coin, be they bandit or trapper, he would allow them to
cross the Thorn. As this crossing was the only significant one to be had over the Thorn in the Kamelands, Davik made a fair amount of money for his hard work. Unfortunately, not long after he finally made enough to recoup the cost of building the ferry, the bandit king known as the Stag Lord rose to power on the north shore of the Tuskwater downriver. When the Stag Lord paid a visit to the crossing and informed Davik that not only would the men bearing his badge be granted free passage over the ferry, but that Davik would pay the Stag Lord two-thirds of his monthly take in return for the Stag Lord’s “protection,” Davik made a foolish error. He not
only refused the Stag Lord’s offer, but ran the bandit and his men off downriver with the aid of his three slavering hounds. After the incident, Davik rewarded himself with a meal of fresh fish and went to bed early. Not surprisingly, the Stag Lord did not stay away for long. Later, in the dead of night, the bandits returned. They surrounded Davik’s house and lit the building on fire with flaming arrows. Davik woke in terror as his dogs’ frantic barking alerted him, but as he stumbled out of his burning home and fled for his ferry, the bandits awaited him. More flaming
arrows rained down, killing his hounds and wounding Davik. With his nightshirt aflame, the doomed
ferry keeper tumbled down the path toward the river. After dousing himself with water,
he clambered up to the ferry boat and tried to escape to the north shore. Unfortunately, the bandits had followed, and as Davik passed the midpoint of the river, the Stag Lord used his expert marksmanship to put arrow after arrow in Davik at the most painful but non mortal body points. Full of arrows Davik simply collapsed and plunging shrieking into the deep, icy water. By the timehis body lodged downriver he had drowned. Onshore, the bandits watched, gleefully chuckling, their leering shadows dancing before the hovel’s flames as it collapsed into cinders. The Stag Lord returned to his fort, leaving behind several bandits with the task of rebuilding
a new hovel and taking up the positions of toll takers. Yet one night later, as the remaining bandits argued over which of them would get to be the “boss” of the Ferry, Davik rose from the river, an undead spirit of vengeance. The undead stalked out of the water and into the bandit camp, swiftly murdering them all and dragging their bodies into the river. The Stag Lord sent
more bandits to investigate several days later, and when Davik rose again and killed several of them, three of the bandits escaped and fled back to report to their lord. The Stag Lord wisely decided to abandon his plans to rebuild the bridge (traffic there was never that busy anyway), and in the months since has all but forgotten about Davik and
his bridge.

*the Party learned this in a strange communal dream they all shared.

**The Party sent this sad apparition to his final rest by killing the Stag Lord.


Davik Nettles (at rest)

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