Gilgamesh Lifesharopa

The summoner of the group




Gilgamesh was different even for a gnome. Growing up in the swampy, marsh area that he did Gilgamesh didn’t se the point ofthe mechanical inclenations of the other gnomes. Because of this as a gnomish child he spent time alone in ature as a kid, well not completely alone. He did always seem to have one friend when no one else was around. It wasa snake named Gir who would talk back to himand follow him around the forest. As these things go in stories like this he was out one day wih Gir when the duke of a neighboring kingdom came trying to impose his will and taxes uponthe gnomish village. When they refused thy were slaughtered. Gilgamesh was found by the duke and taken captive for what hs spellcasters described as “latent magical ability”. He was sent before the duke’s king. And then put to work in the kingdom, but always kept close to the king, untl he could be properly tested as a magician. As it were he seen much of the delegations of the king where he soon realized that the destruction of his village was not the king’s fault but the fault of an overzealous duke. This changed Gilgamesh’s perception of the king: from one of hatred, because th king was an evil bastard, to one of less hatred (but stll hatred), because the king was lax to keep a good enough eye on his kingdom. When he was finally tested they would describe his magical ability as lacking almost to the point of retardation. The only thing he could do was summon a slightly bigger than average snake. They made fun of even this because of the bright mark that would appear on his forehead. When the tests were over Gilgamesh didn’t care what they said becausehe hadfound a way to see his best friend again. Although they still kept him around Gilgamesh felt thedifference in opinion about him. So in fear of his life he used so of the tactics he learned from watching the king and convinced him to let him be a foreign emmissary. As soon as he left the kingdom he defected to Brevoy? and got a later got a gig clearing out the stolen lands. It offered the chance to be a duke of the cleared out lands. This would afford him the chance he needed to strike back. So of course he took it.

Gilgamesh Lifesharopa

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